Jonny West Realty

I worked with Jonny West Realty on an mobile marketing campaign which included creating a motion graphic intro. Here’s what I was able to produce.

some-trans 2.jpg
womens multi exposure.jpg

GG Swing Tips Website Re-brand - 2019

I began 2019 with a large website revamp for GG Swing Tips Golf. Several graphics were produced and incorporated into the fresh look we were able to design.

FGG Swing Logo Out.png

GG Swing Tips collection - 2018

During the fourth quarter of 2018, GG Swing Tips Golf came to me with an overall Web and Youtube re-brand vision. Over the course of the coming months, I produced a Youtube Intro and End Card for the GG SWINGTIPS GOLF Youtube channel, and multiple Website Graphics for

Youtube Channel

FGG Swing Logo Out.png

Youtube Intro and End Card

Youtube Banner

youtube banner.jpg

Website Graphics